Caesalpinia pulcherrima – Germinate the seeds from the bean pods – Growing your Bird of Paradise Plant

SEED PROPAGATION – We are germinating the seeds from our bird of paradise bean pods so that we can plant them along our driveway.

bean pod seeds
caesalpinia pulcherrima – Red Bird of Paradise flowering bushes

Some people like to use the paper-towel method to germinate the Bird of Paradise seeds.

Germinating the bean pod seeds using a paper towel — spray a paper towel with water, put the seeds on it, fold the paper towel over, and wait 24-48 hours.  Do NOT let the paper towel dry out.

seeds in wet paper towel
bean pod seeds germinating

I have several different types of seeds along with the Bird of Paradise Plants soaking on the paper towel above.  Now I’m ready to plant them in peat pots.

germinating seeds
supplies to grow bird of paradise plants from seed

** the cactus cuttings will be in a separate article

Along with the paper towel method for germinating the bean pod seeds;  I also soaked some seeds in a glass of water which you see in the photo above.  The seeds from the pods will become enlarged while they are soaking.  Some of them produced a white shoot.  That is a root and needs to placed facing DOWN in the peat pots.  Cover the seeds lightly with damp soil. Bird of Paradise seeds need at least 8 hours of sun, but not direct sun it will be too hot! You can start to give them a little more direct sun after the first leaves appear.

germinating and planting seeds
planting the seeds from the bean pods

I pour a little water right on top of the seeds everyday making sure it stays moist.

Peat Pots are great and make growing and transplanting your Red Bird of Paradise seedlings much easier. Start your seeds indoors or a protected area outside and when you are ready to plant your Bird of Paradise just put the entire pot in the ground. Roots will penetrate the peat pot and the pot disintegrates enriching the soil.

red bird of paradise
caesalpinia pulcherrima with bean pods

Quick info:  The Red Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) has lacy leaves that fold up at night & spread open in the sun.