Remove the dead Lily pads to keep the pond healthy for the fish

The past couple days it has been over 109 degrees. With water evaporating from the pond I added more today.  I keep the level of water in the pond as high as I can so the fish can stay cooler. The lillies need time to grow and cover the pond area providing shade to Goldfish/Koi, I use the name Koi lightly as these are not authentic Japanese Koi.

After adding the tap water I immediately put in a Stress Coat. My current brand is by PondCare.  After a day I put in my weekly treatment of ECOFIX, also by Pond Care. BE SURE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS COMPLETELY!  Your pond needs a good filter system especially when adding these chemicals.

Filter after Filter, finally I believe I have discovered the TOP, The BEST Pond Filter System – LIFEGARD All In One !!!  Look in the right hand photo, you can see it.  It cost a little more but it is so worth it!  The comparison to my other filters is “this one blows the others OUT OF THE WATER.”

I can’t say enough about this pond filter. After trying so many this is the absolute best filter I have seen – LIFEGARD All In One – it scores a 10 !
The plants in the pond are thriving but It is important to remove the dead lily pads. I use long garden shears. Two of the fish stopped just for a moment for the camera.