Best Pond filter system – All in One Lifegard Pump with UV Algae control

This is the best Pond pump we have ever used and our fish are healthy and thriving.  This All in One Pond Filter system is a compact filter for water gardens and ponds with Koi and fish.  It is extremely easy to install and easy to clean.  See the photos I posted from cleaning the pump today.

Lifegard Pond Pump and Filter
cleaned the Lifegard Pond filter

With the Lifegard All in One pond filter you have a choice of 4 different fountain spray patterns for your pond. To help control algae this efficient pump includes an ultraviolet sterilizer that has a separate plug so you can operate it only when you need to.

running the pond pump

The pond filter unit will float.  I need to put a few heavy rocks on top to hold the pond pump in place.  After years of using various pumps for our small Arizona pond, this is by far the absolute best pump system and I highly recommend it.  Even more so if you have fish and Koi in your pond.

healthy large goldfish

Yuk! This slimy hair algae in my pond is floating-The string algae treatment worked-Fish in the pond are healthy

First, my followup posts for my slimy string algae project took awhile because I needed to see if it cleared up the pond without hurting my fish.  Yes it worked and this photo is what happened a few days after I added Tetra Pond, Algae Control.  BE CAREFUL! and follow the directions completely or you will damage your Koi / fish.  Reminder – I am no expert just someone who loves her Koi and wants a clean, healthy pond.  Worried about my fish I also added a little API Stress Coat, it claims to have the healing power of Aloe Vera and I use it every time the hose goes in the pond to add water. ( A Stress Coat is needed to make tap water safe.)  Follow Directions on the bottles!  Ok now back to this photo of green pond water yuk!

Treating my pond for the slimy string/hair algae and green water is working! Algae blooms cause the green water in ponds. The algae on the sides of my synthetic liner have loosened and now it is time to scoop it out. Slimy and Gross but anything to keep my Koi happy.

pond is clean

The algae treatment worked perfectly and our pond filter, pump system has kept the water clean.  The fish in the pond are healthy and happy.