Adding a second cat: the cat hissing is over, meet NEFFRON

Siamese cat

It is very important to give your newly adopted pet TIME to adjust.  We talked about getting another cat through adoption.  With so many pets in Arizona shelters, cat rescue was the option for us.  I’d like you to meet our new kitty cat Neffron.

our second cat
our Siamese cat, Neffron

Honestly, at first we thought we may have to return our newly adopted cat.  The introduction wasn’t easy with our Labrador, Jack Russell and another cat.  Tension was very high with cat hissing, barking and new cat behaviors I was not familiar with.

After hours of research on success when adding a second cat, we came up with a plan.

cat room
our adopted cat has his own room

At the shelter Neffron was in a cage.  We held this lovable Siamese cat and found him to be very easy going.  Neffron was a 6 yr old neutered male and quite large.  This was good as our tenacious Jack Russell Terrier would not do well with a young, smaller cat.

Before bringing our new cat home we had set up the back bedroom with food, water, and fresh litter.  Our second cat would have a climbing post with a stimulating view from the window.  By nature cats are very territorial and our other cat would naturally resent an adult feline intruder.  Our adopted pet would have their own safe room.

our Siamese cat is getting used to us

According to the Animal Humane Society and S.A.F.E.,  Saving Animals From Euthanasia, the sex of the cats makes very little difference.  Many feline behavior experts agree that age and temperament are the most important factors.

My husband and I would take turns relaxing in the room with Neffron.  Now our 12 yr old cat was very nervous and upset.  The behaviour of our older cat changed from mild-mannered to angry.  On the second day, I began to hold our older cat and sit with him across from Neffron for short intervals.  Batman, our 12 yr old was making deep moaning, growling noises and hissing at the new cat.

Siamese cat
our new cat is exploring

Periodically, we started to leave the bedroom door open so Neffron could explore his new house.  Our Jack Russell was put on his leash so he would not chase the new cat.  With treats in hand, I would reward the dogs as Neffron walked passed.  At bedtime, Neffron was safely brought back to his cat room and the door was shut.

litter box
Batman gets his own litter box

Our 12 yr old cat, Batman, was having a harder time with the adjustment of adding a second cat.  We provided him with his own new litter box.  In his behavior I noticed our darling cat wasn’t eating.  This worried me so I placed extra bowls of cat food in different rooms that Batman was hiding in.  Also we gave extra petting and attention to help him feel safe.

2 cats
Neffron and Batman

These two cats sit down together but will not look at each other.   I giggle as I learn how a cat behaves with other cats.  The cat hissing and growling has finally stopped!

a happy Siamese cat

Two weeks of constant supervision have passed and we are so grateful that Neffron is part of the family!  Bedroom doors remain open, cats are eating and drinking, the tension has gone and only hugs, toys and playtime remains.

Siamese cat
our Siamese sleepy cat
Trigger, our dog
our Jack Russell dog, Trigger

It is hard to predict how a cat will react when you add a new feline to the family.  You won’t know until you try and we are sure glad we did!  Best wishes to all you pet owners and future pet owners.


Author: tjsgarden

We are a family that loves the Arizona Desert. A lot of research and team efforts go into our articles and photos. Come discover the beauty and mystery with us. Don't forget your sunscreen!

10 thoughts on “Adding a second cat: the cat hissing is over, meet NEFFRON”

  1. I’m glad that Neffon has settle in.. that was wise to get a second litter box.. years ago I added a cat to the 1 cat family and they really battled it out (lots of hissing and meowing) until we got a second litter box. After that they went from tolerating each other to sleeping together..


  2. Neffron is beautiful, glad he has settled in, perhps him and Batman will become good friends. Alfies half Siamese, dosen’t stop missed the video I put on 🙂 Pop over Mollies had a job to do 🙂
    Have sent you an email 🙂 xx00xx


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