SPIDER identified in my garden – black, gray, large abdomen, 4-6 white spots on belly

common striped spiders orb weaver

Our quest to identify a spider near our pond as it is eating the damselflies **.  In the middle of a well engineered round web was a black, brownish, gray spider with striped legs.

**Damselflies are beneficial to the health of the pond.

spiders with striped legs and spots
Orb weaver spider eating

The wheel shaped web made identifying this family of spiders easy.

Orb Weaver spiders, common
spiders with spots and large abdomen

Orb-weaver spiders are the most common garden spiders and love to hangout in the center of their round webs.


poisonous spider with large abdomen
Orb weaver spider with white spots, striped legs

QUICK FACT:  Spiders are venomous.    Spiders use venom to subdue their prey.  Fortunately, very few spiders are dangerous to humans or even capable of penetrating the skin of a human.

white marks on spider
common Orb Weaver spider with 4 white spots
garden spider with striped legs
spiders with 4 marks on a large abdomen


Orb Weaver common spider
yellow design on the Orb Weaver spider
most common spiders, orb weaver
brown spider with yellow markings

This florid spider made a round web marvel between two plants.  Intimidating up close, this female Orbweaver lingers patiently for her next meal.

spider with its prey in the web
common garden spiders are Orb Weavers

The insect that wonders into the Orb-weaver’s sticky web will receive a quick formidable bite.  This spider has over 3,000 species and belongs to the Araneidae family.

spider with stiped legs
the 4 spots on a common Orb Weaver spider
spider with large abdomen and round web
an Orb Weaver spider caught a bee in her web

All Orb-weaver spiders spin webs!

spider with big yellow belly
the round spider web of the Orb Weaver

Fall is typically the time the female Orb-weaving spiders will lay their last clutch of eggs.  The spider eggs survive the winter and will hatch in the spring.

white markings on belly of spider
grey Orb Weaver spider carrying a damselfly

Orb Weaver Spiders have poor eyesight even though they possess eight eyes that are arranged in two rows of four eyes each.

spiders with round whell shaped webs
garden spider with yellow markings on its abdomen

Orb weaver spiders have many exquisite patterns and colors.  We’ve included many photos to help you identify the spiders in your area.

common garden spider
Orb Weaver spider’s  large abdomen
Araneidae family of spiders
Orb Weaver spiders have designs on their backs

Note:  Orb-weaver spiders only bite if they feel threatened.  Their venom is not harmful to humans.

What does a spider bite feel like?  The bite from an Orb-weaver spider feels like a bee sting.

At night is a good time to see these spiders working hard to rebuild and repair their round, wheel-shaped webs.

identify spider with striped legs
identify a spider with white marks

For people searching to identify a spider that looks like the one I found in the above picture.  This is a spider with a large abdomen, gray and black striped legs, 4-6 white marks underneath the abdomen.

orb weaver garden spiders
spiders with 4 to 6 white marks on the bottom of the abdomen

Like all spiders, the young Orb-weaver looks like a tiny adult when it hatches.  As the spider grows it sheds it’s skin.  Spiders hatch in the spring.

juvenile orb weaver spiders
young orb weaver spiders with white legs

For identifying the spiders I posted today:

  • gray, brown colors
  • striped legs
  • spider with yellow markings on the abdomen
  • 2-6 white spots underneath the belly
  • spider with white markings on a gray abdomen

Orb-weaver spiders are good because they help control mosquito, fly and ant populations;  therefore, beneficial to our planet.

TIDBITS:  How long does a spider live?  Most spiders live for only one year.

Author: tjsgarden

We are a family that loves the Arizona Desert. A lot of research and team efforts go into our articles and photos. Come discover the beauty and mystery with us. Don't forget your sunscreen!

37 thoughts on “SPIDER identified in my garden – black, gray, large abdomen, 4-6 white spots on belly”

  1. i was at a bus stop on friday, i was about to sit down, but i saw a spider crawl out of a gap in the bus shelter. the spider looked exactly like a black widow with the usual pure, shiny black skin or whatever, but instead of having a red hour glass on the bottom of its abdomen it had two white perfect circles i really want to know what kind of spider it is


  2. Thanks so much for saving our spiders lives 🙂 We have two, and after almost an hour of searching the net I finally found your pictures, we were just about to execute them on reasonable suspicion.


    1. No worries! Brianna these are the most common spiders call Orb Weavers, or sometimes Garden Spiders. They are not harmful to humans. They are very helpful to your garden and plants!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. i found a spider in my bed ,it is black and has white spots on it, i got scared and i am staying away from my bed room as i noticed that this spider has very good reflex and i am from india , does some one have any idea about what kind of spider that is?


    1. “Daring Jumping Spider”
      They don’t usually grow to be very large but they are quick! I mean they are really quite fast, and are calling Daring Jumping spiders for a reason ; )


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