Very Inspiring Blog Award – New Nominees are Listed

Sugarlump, , I want to thank you for the positive motivation I felt when I received your nomination for a Very Inspiring Blog Award.

This was so unexpected because I write my articles and posts out of a passion for nature and learning in the most humble sense.  It seems as though many of us are the same in that aspect,  and then to be surprised with such an honor as an award is amazing!  Us Bloggers put a lot of time and thought into our dedications.  This is true of my nominator Emily, Sugarlump, as her Grandmother called her, , who’s stories of the South are delightful, original and engaging.

In accepting this award, it is my pleasure to complete the following:

  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Post the blog award image on your page.
  3. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other blogs and let the nominees know they been chosen.

7 things about myself

  1. My nickname in grade school was Meatball
  2. I can’t live without Nature or God in my life
  3. Sushi and Sake Bombers are one of my favorites
  4. I do volunteer help at Bingo
  5. Couple times I forgot the bath water was running – it was a speedy way to wash the floors!
  6. I make time for Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Ramsay
  7. Morning is my best time – wake up at 5:00 am, can’t help it

My List of Nominees who inspire me with their words and pictures.


I’m in the process of notifying all the above inspiring writers and bloggers.  If you see your blog listed please do not wait for me.  Start displaying your award logo and follow the directions posted above.  Please leave me a comment and let me know you saw your name.  Enjoy your Award!  It was hard to pick the 15 names above as all the blogs I follow are inspiring to me.

Many blessings to all,



Author: tjsgarden

We are a family that loves the Arizona Desert. A lot of research and team efforts go into our articles and photos. Come discover the beauty and mystery with us. Don't forget your sunscreen!

24 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blog Award – New Nominees are Listed”

  1. Hi Tj ~
    Thanks so much for the nomination! It really makes my day! 🙂 I’m so glad I found your beautiful garden blog and enjoy the wealth of information you bring us. Sushi and sake happen to be a special fav of mine also!


  2. Tj, the bright light with the sweetest heart. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness and love you sent my way. I am honored and blessed to have been nominated for this Award. Hopefully many more will be joining us in finding their own Joy in which ever way that excites them !
    With love & gratitude…. Eternity


    1. Absolutely, many people can find joy through spreading positive motivation and kindness. “Pay it forward” What a great world that would be 🙂
      Namaste my friend


  3. Sammy and I thank you for nominating One Spoiled Cat for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. We already have that one but it feels SO NICE when someone thinks enough of us to nominate us for any award! Big Sammy Hug from Sam and a human one from me….thanks again.

    Pam (and Sam)


    1. What an imaginative blog you have Cathy. By the Way I am going to print some of your recipes and surprise my husband! I will work hard to make them as inviting as your photos.


  4. Hay meatball, yum yum BOL ! dat was soooo funny 🙂 I needs yooo’s to come and vote for us at Sammy’s ( one spoiltcat ) Oh, were’s our manners!! CON-GRAT-ULATIONS on the award 🙂 Hugs Mollie x


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