Spacing out Sunflowers – Planting Sunflower seeds

sunflower in a pot

When growing sunflowers it is important to remove the weaker ones so they do not take nutrients from the healthier flowers.  If sunflowers are planted to close together the heads grow smaller.

sunflower in a pot
Healthy Sunflower

When choosing the area you want to plant your sunflowers, make sure it is a sunny location. Sunflower stems grow frail when they lack sun.

Before you plant your sunflower seeds, loosen up the soil down about 2-3 inches.  Make a shallow trench about 1/2 inch deep or the the amount stated on your seed packet.  Add water to the trench and let it drain then place your seeds.  Check your packet to see how many inches apart to plant your seeds because sunflower species vary.

For large or giant sunflower seeds plant them approximately 12 inches (30 cm) apart.  Place your rows of sunflowers two-three feet apart.  Within 2 weeks your sunflower seedlings should appear.

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